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Withdraw Spring 2024 انسحاب من مقرر

by Ahmed Seif Fadel -

If you want to withdraw from a course in semester Spring 2024 without money back or adding a course , fill the following form. It will not be calculated in CGPA.
اذا أردت الانسحاب من مقرر في الفصل الربيعي 2024 بدون استرداد مال أو إضافة مقرر ، سجل في النموذج التالي. المقرر لن يسحتسب في المعدل التراكمي:

أخر ميعاد للانسحاب هو التاسع من مايو

Questionnaire to determine your learning approach

by Ahmed Seif Fadel -

This questionnaire has 20 questions about your attitudes towards your studies and your usual way of studying. There is no right way of studying. It depends on what suits your own style and the course you are studying. It is accordingly important that you answer each question as honestly as you can. If you think your answer to a question would depend on the subject being studied, give the answer that would apply to the subject(s) most important to you. Please fill the following form and you will get the result later on email:

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